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Nakeya T. Fields, LCSW is a mental health entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator, educator and advocate. She lives in Los Angeles, California and is a proud Mommy to Amare and Nova. Self-care is a preferred lifestyle choice as there has never been a spa day that didn’t have her name on it. Nakeya is the Founder of the Therapeutic Play Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to build a healthier, more resilient world through empowerment, education and play.¬†

Nakeya T. Fields

 Nakeya is also the CEO of Innovative Wellness Consulting which supports organizations and educational facilities with professional development, wellness based activities and mental health based curriculum and programming.

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Handcrafted balms, sprays, and teas formulated for specific needs, using high-quality botanicals and essential oils

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Crystals, candles, and guided meditations enhance your self-care practices and deepen your connection to your intentions.

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The Feel Well Coach offers inspiration and support through online resources and potential product guides

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