Manifest it! Candles

Each hand-poured candle is crafted with intention, blending natural soy wax, essential oils, positive affirmations, and carefully chosen crystals to ignite your inner flame and guide you towards your desired state of being.

Each carefully chosen scent, crystal pairing, and affirmation invites you to engage in a mindful ritual, setting intentions, focusing your energy, and connecting with your inner wisdom. Light a flame, breathe deeply, and allow the transformative power of fragrance and crystal energy to guide your path.

Whether you seek to unleash your inner power, spark creativity, or find inner peace, The Manifest Apothecary has a candle to illuminate your path. Light the way to your well-being, one fragrant flame and shimmering crystal at a time.

Natural Ingredients

Made with soy wax, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrance blends for a clean and pure burning experience.

Hand Poured with Love

Each candle is crafted with intention and care, ensuring a unique and high-quality product.

Ritual Ready Design

Beautiful packaging and elegant jars invite you to create a sacred space for your personal practice.

Affirmations for every intention

Empowering affirmations printed on each label to further focus your energy and manifest your desires.

Crystal Infused

Each candle is paired with specific crystals chosen to amplify their intended purpose. Keep the crystal even after the flame is gone.

Manifest It!

These candles are designed to ignite the fire within you to manifest all of your aspirations, dreams, and desires.

The Create Candle

Tap into your creative wellspring and manifest your dreams. Create’s uplifting aroma of vanilla and coconut, infused with the warm spice of cinnamon and the gentle encouragement of pink quartz, fosters inspiration, imagination, and a sense of possibility. With each flicker, watch your ideas blossom and take shape.

The Power Candle

Awaken your inner strength and ignite your potential. Power’s intoxicating blend of jasmine and mint scents, swirling with the invigorating energy of pyrite, inspires confidence, courage, and resilience. As the flame dances, visualize obstacles crumbling and your resolve solidifying.

The Release Candle

Let go of negativity and embrace inner peace. Release’s soothing blend of cannabis and rose scents, cradled by the calming serenity of amethyst, washes away stress, anxiety, and emotional burdens. As the wax melts, feel tension dissipate and serenity settle in.